Poems by people – Still My Mind

Still My Mind – Act 1
by Bentwig420

Still it rushes through me,
in every pore,
through every cell.
What is this . . .
what feeling is this?
I cannot tell,
what secrets unveil
unknown to limits.
This absolute emmersion
blankets my every
conscious thought.
Drawing you closer,
bringing you here.
So close to me I dare not say –
still not within my sight.
I feel your breath,
heat penetrating my skin
like a hard summer rain.
I feel your face, your eyes,
trace your mouth
with my fingers.
You give me breath
so close to your mouth,
still we do not touch.
Smoldering fantasies
ignite burning,
lust and longing.
Desire tempts me.
„Move closer . . . ” she whispers,
„closer, closer. ”
A paradox? Closer to you,
like the finest lace –
our bodies occupy exactly
the same space.
Deeper you come!
Taking you in –
surrounding me and filling
me up- and down- push, shove
Eyes open, must I see?
Truth is now . . . this reality.

Read more at: http://www.netpoets.com/poems/love42/1228001.htm © netpoets.comIMG_3022.JPG


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